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By Emi Kawashima on Jun 03, 2014 -


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Journalists often ask us why did we create yet another domain ranking system if Google’s Pagerank, Amazon’s Alexa Rank, and a number of other well-known ranking tools already exist.

In its domain analysis Moonsearch does provide PageRank and Alexa data, but the idea behind MoonRank is different — it allows you to measure a domain’s popularity without checking its stats across multiple ranking systems.

How did MoonRank appear?

Google’s PageRank doesn’t take into account the amount of traffic a website receives, while Alexa doesn’t look far beyond the number of unique visits made to a site. In both of these cases, listing info is missing, despite the fact that checking a domain’s presence in Y!dir and DMOZ has become one of the first things we do when evaluating a domain purchase.

The story of Moonrank is simple: our team had found themselves in need of a tool for all-in-one domain analysis and evaluation, which would show every piece of information useful for marketing about any domain. Another demand for this tool was the ability to build rankings and to show all the domains’ backlinks easily. When we weren’t able to find anything on the market, so we decided to develop this service ourselves.

In order to make life easier and give a well-rounded analysis of a site’s popularity and real value, the idea to introduce a ranking system that would build popularity rankings arose naturally. So, MoonRank is nothing more or less than a precise evaluation of a site’s popularity based on a variety of parameters. Among those — our own link and catalog analysis.

How precise is the MoonRanking system?

It’s still not perfect, though it definitely strives to be. In the future, we plan to promote MoonRank as an industry standard. If you need an all-in-one rating of site’s popularity, without checking backlinks, traffic, Yahoo, Dmoz and catalogue data — Moonrank is the most comfortable ranking tool available. It’s reliable and easy to use for any business.

The real power of Moonrank is that it shows popularity despite short-term occurrences and collisions which happen so often on the Internet. You can never be sure what your links bring you tomorrow — Google can change it’s ranking algorithm and then you find one of your best linking sites is hit for blackhat practice.
Traffic data is often difficult to take into consideration, so the rule of thumb is: if MoonRank is higher than PageRank — it means the site has good traffic. In our Top rankings we often stumble on sites having low PageRank and high MoonRank and Alexa’s — this might be an indication of domain being untrusted, banned, or dropped in its ranking by google though still having good traffic.
A change of PageRank doesn’t automatically change a site’s Moonranking to the same extent.
Despite its complexity, Moonrank is much more flexible than other tools and appropriately treats situations in which a site receives a high PageRank by buying high-PR backlinks, yet has significant troubles with traffic. In a case like this, a page with a PR of 6 can have a MoonRank of only 3, which accurately reflects the fact that the site does not get enough traffic to truly be considered “popular”.

A system we have created

So, to summarize: what we have created is a fusion of all important popularity-data into one Moonrank. In it’s latest releases Moonsearch has become a powerful free tool, handy for SEOs, Internet investigators, and digital marketers, giving lots of useful information about any domain, its owners, and popularity. What’s more important — in right hands this instrument can become a keen means for finding information about your competitors and their projects. This is just what we did want to achieve and it’s only the beginning — check out our blog once in a while — we are soon going to extend functionality and add some cool new features to the project.

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By Emi Kawashima on Jun 03, 2014 -