MoonSearching for Adult Content

Analyzing Moonsearch’s sources of traffic we’ve found a strange paradox: since Moonsearch crawls, stores, and shows myriads of sites’ HTML content, lots of people come to the service looking for adult content.

What comes as a surprise to our SEO-specialists, those visitors came from major search engines. People searching the Web for adult content are not usually interested in site’s tech details and popularity; however, this does happen occasionally. It’s difficult to imagine a modern Internet business that doesn’t need the services of a site-analyzing tool such as Moonsearch.

Top Server Software

Site platforms, or web application frameworks, are a great tool developed for site-owners and web masters who work with dynamic websites, web applications, and have to deal with large databases. Today, when everyone and their mother has a blog, a Facebook account, and multiple other accounts, the days of building websites page-by-page in a text-editor are long gone. Choosing and applying a web application framework on your website allows you to save a great amount of time and effort, and will provide a much simpler, quicker, and more effective way of managing your website in the future.

Investigating the web

Would you please name top 5 domain names? Just the first that come up to your head.

Ok, I am sure that almost everyone has started his list with and What about the third place? The fourth?

Internet is exciting. It’s become a huge part of our modern lives. Deep in the wilds of the net you will definitely find some information about yourself. But how much do you know about what gives you this data – Internet, its history, its structure?

Moonsearch team is excited to present the project’s blog with this first post.

Our long-time passion has been data mining, exploration of internet spaces, it’s secrets and hidden connections. It has evolved

into a handy service that digs out and monitors (almost in real-time, by the way) extensive information on sites, backlinks, traffic routes, and sources. powerful engine delivers detailed information for Internet investigators, digital marketers, SEO-people,– it can become a powerful telescope for everyone interested in their own and competitors’ sites’ detailed stats and value, free and easy access to Internet’s Big Data.