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Why is Wikipedia Always on Top

Many SEOs argue that Wikipedia receives too much attention in Google’s search results.
A 2012 study revealed that Wikipedia articles rank for 99% of all googled terms. For more than in half of them Wikipedia is the number one search result.

Moonsearch’s analysis of Google’s search results reveals the Search Engine’s perception of Internet. It’s not that of a teenager looking for entertainment, a small entrepreneur, or of a money-crazed blackhat SEO-warrior. It’s closer to an old-fashioned, scientific view of the Web (free sharing of highly validated information), than to today’s content-for-profit Internet. Although being one of the most high-profit companies because of its advertising and other businesses, in its organic Search output Google apparently benefits Wikipedia. Some call it an unfair bias from Google towards Wikipedia.

Can we trust site explorers?

There are many site exploring tools and services on the Internet, which provide all kinds of competitive data on every website or domain. We shouldn’t always accept their data as reliable and this is why:

Business attention concentrates on Alexa’s top-100K traffic sites, which are reviewed more carefully and the data about them is supposed to be precise and reliable.

However, even this isn’t true in every case. In a test we encourage everyone to repeat, our team analysed a site rating in the middle of Alexa Top-100, with a PR of 5, and a three-year domain history.

Moonsearch team is excited to present the project’s blog with this first post.

Our long-time passion has been data mining, exploration of internet spaces, it’s secrets and hidden connections. It has evolved

into a handy service that digs out and monitors (almost in real-time, by the way) extensive information on sites, backlinks, traffic routes, and sources. powerful engine delivers detailed information for Internet investigators, digital marketers, SEO-people,– it can become a powerful telescope for everyone interested in their own and competitors’ sites’ detailed stats and value, free and easy access to Internet’s Big Data.