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Can we trust site explorers?

There are many site exploring tools and services on the Internet, which provide all kinds of competitive data on every website or domain. We shouldn’t always accept their data as reliable and this is why:

Business attention concentrates on Alexa’s top-100K traffic sites, which are reviewed more carefully and the data about them is supposed to be precise and reliable.

However, even this isn’t true in every case. In a test we encourage everyone to repeat, our team analysed a site rating in the middle of Alexa Top-100, with a PR of 5, and a three-year domain history.

Top by platform

Ever wondered what web-site platforms are most important?
Moonsearch has built its own platform popularity ranking to answer this question.

Today’s Internet doesn’t have a strict “platform“ definition, so many different solutions get into this category: programming languages, frameworks, and Content Management Systems (CMS) to name the few.

Newest/Oldest Domains

Our team is excited to announce a new module we’ve added to the Moonsearch engine. We have studied gathering and classifying domain registration data in a handy way and put it into Top Domains rating.
If it doesn’t sound special first, but just think of the magnitude: we are going to collect, analyse, and provide the data on every single domain’s age, in every single domain zone, and will put the gathered information in an easy-to-use rating available to every Internet user for free.

Expiration Date on MoonSearch

There are domains out there in the Web that are going to expire in a hundred years. There are also some expiring right as you read this. Some of those can have names, history, or longevity that your business might want to posses, if they see that their current owners aren’t going to renew them.

So, to provide you with information on all the domains closest/furthest from their expiration date, the Moonsearch team presents its new Domain Expiration Ranking, which will help you quickly see which domains are closest to their expiration date.

Top Registrars

Greetings, fellow web-explorers!

Our domain analysis tool has just received a new update. From now on Moonsearch provides data about domain registrars gathered into a handy Top Registrars Ranking.

With it, you can find information about most registrars in the Internet, and about the registrar of any site you analyze with Moonsearch. Our team’s goal is to get to the point when we’ll be able to provide data on every registrar on the Web and gather it under Moonsearch’s “Top Registrars” ranking, which is built according to the number of domains registered by each of the registrars and by the corresponding market share they own.