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MS-DOS server

Those who are old enough to recall the early mass-production computers still remember black console screens of DOS (Disk Operating Systems), which dominated the IBM PC-compatible world from 1981 until 1995. Primitive by modern standards, yet pretty powerful for that age, these systems were expected to stay in the past, objects of interest for computer paleontologists. So, our team was somewhat shocked when a Moonsearch of the Web’s depths revealed that there are still a few sites running on DOS-operated servers.

We rushed to explore these greybeards, but found only one to be truly run on a CarnegieTech HTTPD/1.5.5 MS-DOS server with a domain created nineteen years ago, on May 22, 1995.

Moonsearch team is excited to present the project’s blog with this first post.

Our long-time passion has been data mining, exploration of internet spaces, it’s secrets and hidden connections. It has evolved

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