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Top by MoonRank

Journalists often ask us why did we create yet another domain ranking system if Google’s Pagerank, Amazon’s Alexa Rank, and a number of other well-known ranking tools already exist.

In its domain analysis Moonsearch does provide PageRank and Alexa data, but the idea behind MoonRank is different — it allows you to measure a domain’s popularity without checking its stats across multiple ranking systems.

Moonsearch team is excited to present the project’s blog with this first post.

Our long-time passion has been data mining, exploration of internet spaces, it’s secrets and hidden connections. It has evolved

into a handy service that digs out and monitors (almost in real-time, by the way) extensive information on sites, backlinks, traffic routes, and sources. powerful engine delivers detailed information for Internet investigators, digital marketers, SEO-people,– it can become a powerful telescope for everyone interested in their own and competitors’ sites’ detailed stats and value, free and easy access to Internet’s Big Data.