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The Internet is steadily becoming more difficult to navigate and here’s why.

If there’s one similarity I can’t help but notice between the internet and the real world, it’s the amount of pollution. Moonsearch has very little to do with the increasingly evident troubles with global warming, but we have noticed a surplus of useless and often non-informative, irrelevant commercial content online. In the past decade, trashy commercial content has been seeping its way into the top search results. This happens very much because of tricky blackhat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, and despite the many attempts made by search engines to get rid of these irrelevant results, finding the information you need online is still much more difficult than we imagine it should be.

Moonsearch team is excited to present the project’s blog with this first post.

Our long-time passion has been data mining, exploration of internet spaces, it’s secrets and hidden connections. It has evolved

into a handy service that digs out and monitors (almost in real-time, by the way) extensive information on sites, backlinks, traffic routes, and sources. powerful engine delivers detailed information for Internet investigators, digital marketers, SEO-people,– it can become a powerful telescope for everyone interested in their own and competitors’ sites’ detailed stats and value, free and easy access to Internet’s Big Data.